2 Year Performing Arts Course

Our 2 year Performing Arts Course is aimed at Students aged 16 yrs plus, looking to concentrate and train in performing arts styles in preparation for professional work. 

This course offers students a minimum of 14 hours per week, training in a variety of genre's and styles.

Classes include-

Commercial/ Street Jazz

Technical Jazz




Body Conditioning

Musical Theatre



Options to take exams can be considered.

Exams to be completed;

1st Year - Intermediate Modern (IDTA), Pre Associate Freestyle (IDTA)

2nd Year - Associate Freestyle (IDTA)

This course includes training with a variety of guest teachers, participating in workshops and having the opportunity to learn from professional artists from both the commercial and musical theatre sectors.


The cost of the course is £3250.00 per year which can be paid in full, termly, monthly or even weekly depending on your situation.                                           A 10% deposit payment of £325 is due the first week of term along with your first payment.

Cost of the exams are not included in the yearly fee. If you want to add them in to spread the cost over the year please speak to the Director.

Students looking to attain a scholorship must confirm their request prior to auditioning. A scholorship is not guaranteed and will be awarded via a means test and physical capabilities at the audition. Scholorships are limited and come with strict terms & conditions. All details will be discussed with the Director in the interview.

Please click the link below for more information. Prospectus's and audition information is available on request.